iPad is most wanted device for children

The iPad is top of the pops when it comes to desirability as a kids' holiday present, and the Nintendo Wii U isn't doing too badly either, according to an extract from Nielsen's 360° Gaming Report for 2013.

Finding the right school for child with special needs

Anna Wong shares the story of her joy at finding the right school for her daughter who has a learning disability.

Preparing kids to navigate pitfalls of life

Regardless of how fast the world is changing, one thing remains: We need to be there for our kids, to listen to them, and help them navigate the pitfalls of life, writes Asha Gill.

Dad teaches son about making sacrifices

A warm tribute from a father-to-be to the man who’s inspired him with his wisdom and sound advice.

Does your child need a dental retainer?

Does your child have a gap in his teeth or crooked teeth? Have you been thinking of braces and a retainer? Find out all about retainers.

10 Things dads-to-be need to know about sex during pregnancy

Now that you've mastered the art of baby-making, learn how to keep the intimacy alive during these nine months of pregnancy.

Pets teach kids to be responsible

Having pets is no child’s play, but kids can learn to care for the animals they love.

Let children learn from their falls and mistakes

Our children need to stumble and fall before they can stand on their own feet.

Getting kids to create stories

Stories come in all shapes and forms; you just have to get them out of the little ones.

Looking for baby-friendly dining spots?

Not sure where to go for a meal with your child in tow? Lim Ying May shares her top three eateries.

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