Teaching kids to be gender-confident

Charis Patrick highlights how we can better care for the gender development of our children.

Looking for baby-friendly malls in KL/PJ?

In the last couple of months, Lim Ying May has been visiting the various malls in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Here is her list of the top three baby-friendly malls.

Disciplining a strong-willed child

What can you do when your child refuses to stay in bed and keeps getting up? Should you punish?

Motherhood turns actress Alba into tech entrepreneur

Film star Jessica Alba swapped Hollywood for Silicon Valley last week, introducing fellow technology entrepreneurs to her new Internet firm, inspired by motherhood.

Sleep time training won't damage your baby emotionally

Parents feeling conflicted about how to get their babies to sleep may find some peace of mind in a new Australian study. Researchers found that letting tots cry it out won't harm them emotionally or damage their relationship with their parents.

Good bacteria to the rescue

Probiotics can boost a child's immune system.

Recognising severe allergic reactions

Recognise the symptoms of anaphylaxis, as it is a serious medical problem that can be life-threatening.

The start of big school

Little Man starting formal education gets mum Asha Gill in a real tizzy.

For the love of my children

The apples of his eye light up his life, even in his darkest hour.

What are your children having for breakfast?

Giving your children a proper breakfast will ensure they are not too hungry or too full to concentrate in school. It can also inevitably affect their grades in school.

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