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Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 10-Oct-2007

Ayanna’s got a cold. She picked it up from daddy.


It pains me to see her experiencing difficulty in breathing. Few babies escape the first year cold free. Precautions while taken do not fully protect baby from catching the common cold. After all, babies have not yet had the chance to build up immunities against viruses. Because of the time spent together, baby is more susceptible to catch a cold from a parent than from a stranger on the street.


Sneezing and a blocked nose alerted me of this possible upper respiratory infection. Though there’s no known cure, Ayanna’s doctor treats these symptoms by giving her some nose drops and a mild antihistamine.


one of her sneezing bouts...


Doctor’s advice: Continued intake of fluids (breast milk) and lots of rest.


Ayanna’s slowly recovering. Nights can be somewhat tough on her. What we’ve discovered works is elevating her head by putting a couple of pillows under the mattress. This eases breathing difficulty.


A cold could, sometimes, progress to ear infections or bronchitis. These usually do not require any separate treatment. We hope Ayanna makes a complete recovery soon. Though common, a cold makes things such as heat rash and cradle cap seem like nothing.

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