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Enough about babyÖ

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 17-Oct-2007

Letís shift focus to mummy.


Eight plus weeks post-natal and Iím gradually returning to exercising. However, I know Iím not quite ready for a bikini just yet. Though childbirth generates more weight loss, Iím still not quite satisfied with the result. My post-natal silhouette still looks as if Iím toting around a belly.


While some of that can be attributed to pregnancy weight gain, another culprit - stretched-out abdominal muscles and skin. Getting back into shape through exercise is the only solution.


Iíve begun my jogs and look forward to returning to yoga. Iím also keen to sign up for post-natal exercise classes (these include baby). Fit for 2 (in Bangsar) is the place to go; offering everything from Ďmummy & baby aerobicsí to Ďmummyís fab absí.


The benefits of exercise are indisputable. Exercise routines will also improve general circulation, reduce risk of back problems, leg cramps and varicose veins plus help minimize stress.

Till then, my pair of skinny jeans will remain tucked away in the closet.

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