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Minus mummy and daddy

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 30-Oct-2007

Ayanna will be spending several hours at Grandma's today. Minus mummy and daddy. It's the first time Ayanna will be without either one of us. I'm a little jittery about it. There are several questions racing through my mind:
Will she cry incessantly when she realises the two familiar faces are nowhere to be found?
Will she bottle feed easy?
Will she adapt with ease to a less familiar environment?
It's a trial run. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Interested in signing up to babysit this sleeping beauty?

Naturally, leaving your child with a grandparent or close relative erases any worries about whether the child will receive adaquate love and care. However, as the child grows issues such as discpline need to be discussed.

Though a bit of indulgence (by grandparents/ relatives) poses no harm, it is best to set some ground rules upfront, especially those concerning the health and safety of the baby. Things such as 'how much chocolate is too much/ driving around in grandpa's car without a car seat' all need to be ironed out before Ayanna is left in their care.
When leaving baby with a relative or friend, be sure to inform the babysitter if baby has any special needs such as needing to be burped during or after a feed, does the baby spit up often, how can the baby be soothed etc. Be sure to leave your contact details in case of an emergency.

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