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Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 22-Mar-2008


The signs are there; excessive drool, a slight chin rash; and biting. Ayanna is clearly teething.


yummy yummy!


Her teething stimulates drooling. This constant contact with saliva causes, in return, some irritation or chapping in the chin or mouth area. Patting away the drool tends to do the trick. Excessive saliva can also cause baby to gag or cough occasionally.


However, it’s the biting that’s a big giveaway. Ayanna’s constantly gumming down on her fingers, toys and just about anything she can get her mouth on (including the breasts that feed her!)


gumming down on her favourite red ball.


At this point, there seems to be no inflammation or pain but that will come with time.


For now, I can offer her relief by giving her something to chew on. A rubber teething ring provides a wholesome chew. Sometimes mummy’s finger rubbed firmly on the gum offers the right amount of counter pressure for relief.


On average the first tooth arrives sometime during the seventh month. Funnily, tooth eruption follows hereditary patterns. If only my mum could recall when my pearly whites popped out, I may be better prepared to welcome Ayanna’s.



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