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Turning 24 months

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 26-Aug-2009


Ayanna loves being 2

Ayanna has begun a brand, new journey. She's eager to explore and master new things, wants to do things for herself, and is displaying a wider array of emotions. She can be assertive and tends to protest a lot especially when things don't go her way (just the other day she protested hard and long, refusing to take off her pink dress and change into her pajamas for bed). The dreaded tantrum (more on this later) has begun to rear its ugly head (sometimes a protest tends to evolve into a tantrum).

Ayanna's memory is much more sophisticated than a year ago. She's grasping the understanding of more abstract concepts, like more and less, later and sooner, same and different. She's also understanding the concept of space there, where, in and out, up, down, etc. Ayanna is able to speak and be understood most of the time. She is able to recite her ABCs and 1-10, recognise some of the alphabets, identify countless pictures and somewhat sing a couple of nursery rhymes ( Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is her absolute favourite). Ayanna is constantly absorbing listening intently to what we say and later, surprises us by repeating.

  • good to see all the progress. at this age, did you really plan for sending her to school ?

  • hello there Mr.Ooi

    If I were to send Ayanna to school it would be to promote interaction with other children her age. Was considering starting next year but will have to study the H1N1 situation before we decide to send her to nursery.

    Glad you're keeping up with her progress.


  • The Terrible Twos? :)

    Same as every single year in a child's life, it's a great age! As you pointed out, Ayanna will start to develop a sense of self, while also imitating almost everything she sees.

    It's also the time for Ayanna to develop socially, so if she's not meeting other kids at a nursery, or through your friends' and relatives' children, you could consider small babysitting groups in your area. Have a look at

    You wouldn't want to miss out on watching Ayana share with other children, or even more touching, see her comfort another child who's upset!


  • Dear Mark

    Thanks for the valuable comments. Will be sure to check out the websites mentioned. It is an exciting time indeed- there's so much I'm learning about Ayanna each day and you're especially right when it comes to her interaction with other kids. It's so wonderful to watch.