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Alphabets and Numbers

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 21-Nov-2009


Toddlerhood should be all about play and some about learning...

There's no reason they say to rush formal learning. Early childhood should be about the simple pleasures playing house, running in the open, riding a trike, splashing in the pool. Yet many toddlers take a natural early interest in letters and numbers, making preschool the perfect environment to nurture this. And as long as exposure to the ABC's and 1,2,3's is a fun, unpressured and toddler-inspired process.

We've introduced the ABC's to Ayanna. She can now recite her ABC's and recognise most of the alphabets. We're just beginning to introduce her to lower case alphabets and numbers. Though she may be able to recite 1-10, she's only now beginning to recognise them.

Here's how we help Ayanna with her alphabets and numbers (some of the basic things):

  • Count steps when we climb stairs and blocks when we're stacking them up, clothes when we're putting them back, etc.

  • Introduction of shapes through toys and pictures for learning to recognise shapes is a pre-reading skill.

  • Write her name on drawings and paintings and as we write, we chant the letters out loud.

  • Incorporate numbers and alphabets into play, art and craft.

  • Label objects we see around us and what alphabets they begin with.

How do you introduce alphabets and numbers to your toddler? Care to share?

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