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First Foods...

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 25-Jun-2011

My spinach boy

Shamindra has been getting a taste of a variety of fruits and vegetables. We’ve been introducing new foods every three days and one at a time. First foods are typically single ingredient fruits and vegetables, mixed with rice cereal to obtain the right consistency.

He’s had a taste of carrots, pears, apples and spinach.

Babies take time to familiarize with each new taste and texture. At this stage, all food is mushy. Babies will press the food against the top of his mouth and then swallow.

Experts are talking about some new rules to introducing solids – that it’s okay to introduce more spice and seasonings. Babies, apparently can handle all sorts of interesting pureed food before age 1.  After all breastfed babies already get a taste of diverse foods through breast milk.

Ultimately, exposing baby’s palate to a wide array of fruits and vegetables is a good thing– each colour group provides different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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