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What goes in must come out…

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah, 20-Jul-2011

Since we started Shamindra on solids, we realized dramatic changes to his poo. From soft, mustardy poo of a breast-feeding baby, his poo now appears thick, dark and is somewhat smelly; reflecting his diet and the foods he eats. If he has pureed carrots for dinner, the contents of his morning nappy will be a bright orange.

Mild constipation tends to creep up now and then. His poo appears small and dry and this is when we know he’s constipated. The introduction of solids mainly rice cereal which is low in fiber is generally the culprit. Mixing the rice cereal with pureed vegetables and fruits often does the trick.  Pear is good in helping to alleviate constipation. 
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