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The sippy cup lesson

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

Teaching Ayanna to drink from the sippy cup is no easy feat. Well, I make it sound as if Iíve been tireless trying for months. Nope Ö I just started; itís barely been a day.


I admit Iím a little impatient. I want to see results. Why? Cause if she can drink from the sippy cup, then thereís an alternative to mummy. This way mummy can break away for a bit Ö to relax, unwind.


Itís not that Iím complaining. I love every minute with my daughter. But I could use some time away without having to consistently worry if babyís having enough to drink. The prospect of it excites me.


It was a fun, full-of-laughter affair for Ayanna. She held the bottle with her tiny hands, giggled incessantly and chewed on its soft, chewable spout. It made a fine new toy.


Experts urge parents not to worry if baby doesnít master the sippy cup properly for a while.


Weíve got a long way to go.


How did you help your breastfeeding baby to transition to a sippy cup?


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