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Better late than never ...

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah


You're simply the best!


Dearest da-da/ pa-pa:


Happy Fatherís Day! Though this comes a tad late (only because we couldnít bear to tear ourselves away from you this past weekend to do anything else), we hope itís not too late to say how much youíre loved and appreciated.


Youíre such a hands on dad- ever willing to change dirty diapers, get spat at during meal times and get soaking wet at bath time. A fatherís touch has an equally positive effect on a babyís health, well-being and development. Fatherís matter! Babies grow up forming closer and more trusting relationships with others when they become teenagers and adults if fathers engage with them in a sensitive, supportive and challenging way. So thank you for doing just that! Several more good reasons to make every day Fatherís Day!


Dearest partner in parenting:


Thanks for all the help you continue to give as it eases mummyís chores and certainly puts a smile on my face. Youíve been a great source of support. Who says it takes two to breastfeed? It takes three for sure to make breastfeeding successful. Daddy- youíre the best helper.


We love you dearly!


To all daddies out there:


Happy Belated Fatherís Day! Hope you had a splendid weekend!



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