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Prevention is better than cure

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah


With every sneeze, I get anxious I monitor Ayanna's temperature and keep a vigil through the night.

Recently Ayanna developed a fever and flu. I panicked, rushing to the doctors the very next day. We were told it was an upper respiratory infection that could be caused by Influenza A, H1N1 or any other virus, etc. All we were to do was to monitor Ayanna to see if the fever or cough worsened. It's been two weeks now the fever is no longer and Ayanna is certainly better.

It's certainly a rather difficult time for most parents especially with children below 5, who make up the high risk group. I closely monitor Ayanna and rush her to the doctors at the slightest surge in temperature. I'm still uncertain as to which hospitals conduct tests or how severe a case should be before a test is conducted.

For now, prevention seems the best option - We're never out without our wipes or our hand sanitizer; we've since stopped going to crowded places especially during the weekends; we practice frequent hand washing; we boost our natural immune system with foods that are rich in Vitamin C and take a vitamin supplement.

H1N1, like other Influenza A viruses, only infects the upper respiratory tract and proliferates there. The only portals of entry are the nostrils, mouth/ throat (it's especially risky with a young child whose fingers always seem to find their way into the mouth/ nose).

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