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25th month

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

The 25-month old - curious and explorative

Ayanna turned 25 months a couple of days ago. She's gradually moving out of her comfort zones, exploring further. She's communicating much more stringing several words together to make complete sentences. Ayanna is also able to carry on a conversation for longer these days (2-3 sentences). Ayanna is able to follow simple commands. She has mastered several nursery rhymes. Her favourites include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Are you Sleeping, Row Row Row Your Boat and more. She can recite her ABCs and numbers 1-10.

She is also able to wash her hands and dry them on her own; put her shoes on (though they do, sometimes, get on the wrong foot ); brush her teeth with some help; and can identify her friends by name (especially those she meets often).

My toddler is also constantly testing our limits. It can be quite upsetting at times even though we know that's precisely what a toddler does. Exploring endlessly and pushing the limits along the way is how toddlers learn what's acceptable and what's not. We're using 'No' more often these days a necessary and important word. It's the only way Ayanna's going to know what the rules are . No long-winded explanations required; just quick, to the point and clear messages about her behavior. Sometimes we find a simple explanation does go a long way in helping her see why certain behaviours are not acceptable. Throughout we try to keep the tone firm yet warm and encouraging.

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