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27th month

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

Miss Chatterbox

Ayanna turned 27 months a couple of weeks ago.

Our little one's turning into a budding conversationalist. Her language continues to blossom- she surprises us with new words all the time (it's amazing how many things we say that she picks up and uses).

Something new that we've noticed is that she tends to question - "What's that?" is her favorite.

Questioning is a development that fills two needs for toddlers: It's a way of finding out about things, and it's also a way of keeping the interchange with a parent going. It allows toddlers to engage longer and pick up even more words.

We try to answer as quickly as possible and in simple but full sentences as much as we can. Being responsive now tends to set the stage for future questions (it encourages toddlers to question more and learn from example how to put sentences together). There are times though that I find myself saying, “I don't know” to some of the questions. I follow it up with a book or some information on the subject that I'm able to share with Ayanna.

Just as much as Ayanna loves to question, she loves to answer. We ask her questions while reading a book about the pictures, the story and while walking in the park about what she sees, hears and smells.

Speaking involves a lot of coordination. And since she's progressing in her English, we are wondering if now's also the time to expose her to other languages. There's evidence that children learn languages more easily in the early years because their brains are so feverishly making new neural connections.

We also see Ayanna making important social progress. She's more interested in other children. Even when toddlers don't interact during their play, they're aware of one another.

It's an exciting time indeed...

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