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Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

Since we're on the subject of those peculiar things toddlers do, here's another dawdling.

Ayanna loves to dawdle. Sometimes it's a struggle to get her out of the house in time for anything. It can sometimes be very nerve wrecking.

The thing is as much as Ayanna seems to be dawdling, she really isn't. In fact, she like most toddlers is moving at a toddler's pace. Trying to get a toddler to move at our pace, according to experts, is not only unrealistic but unfair. Why you ask?

Here's why -

Inexperience, distractability (toys and more), lack of time sense. A toddler lives mostly for the here and now, worrying about 'later' is certainly not a priority.

So here's what we've been doing to try to work around her turtle pace:

  • Giving ourselves a head start even if it means waking up an hour before Ayanna does just to complete our routine. It eliminates the last-minute rush.

  • Preparing the night before whatever that can be done the night before such as ironing and packing are no longer kept for the morning.

The additional time in the morning is set aside for some TLC we wake her up with a hug, some quiet cuddling, some quick reading.

Coming to think of it, mummy and daddy too are sometimes guilty of dawdling (keeping our little toddler waiting when we promise a drink after we're done with the dishes or to play when we've tidied up the room). That suddenly seems to put Ayanna's dawdling (keeping us waiting) in perspective.

How else do you deal with your toddler's dawdling?

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