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Missing you...

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

Having a parent away on work most of the time can be a little tough to handle for a toddler. Ayanna's dad is constantly away from home because of the nature of his work. He's a pilot you see.

These days Ayanna knows when her daddy leaves, when he returns and how to communicate what she feels when he's away.

Daddy makes sure he says goodbye, with ample cuddling before he leaves. If he leaves early, they say their goodbyes the night before. We also talk about when he's due home, his job and the places he travels to. Now that Ayanna knows the days of the week, we are able to count the days before daddy arrives home. It helps to give her some sense of time. We try to incorporate Daddy into most of our activities, talking about what he does, his likes, etc.

Also, Daddy always calls home (it's possible as he does the local, regional routes). For those who are away overseas, the Internet serves up some convenient, cheap ways to keep in touch (MSN/ Skype are preferred).

Even though Ayanna misses her daddy, she's constantly reminded of him, making the anticipation of his impending arrival all the more exciting.

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