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A Milestone

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah


After 3 years of being sung to sleep and patted gently on her back, Ayanna reached a milestone last night when she slept off on her own.

We've been talking about this transition for weeks now slowly preparing her for it. And so from sitting on her bed and putting her to sleep, I moved on to sitting by her bed for a few weeks.

We've been reiterating how a big girl she was - attending school on her own, eating and brushing her teeth on her own- which must have reinforced her need to be increasingly independant.

So when we suggested to her that we were going to let her sleep on her own, Ayanna didn't object. We read her favourite bedtime stories, hugged and cuddled and kissed goodnight, switched off the lights and left the room, leaving the monitor on so we could assess the situation. (Thanks to Karen Yee for your invaluable comments which gave me the boost I needed to go ahead with this sooner than I had planned)

In no time, Ayanna was asleep, snoring away.

Another milestone achieved.

Ayanna, we're so proud of you!



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