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It does get a little crazy around here….

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

One day at a time is my motto. I don’t look beyond or plan too much ahead. Some days can be somewhat of a breeze – when baby sleeps when you put him down and doesn’t awaken 20 minutes later- other days can be very challenging – when both kids vie for your attention and alternating between the two gets truly exhausting.

How do I cope?

-          Routines help. Though good, they’re not set in stone. Flexibility is key- if Shamindra is asleep, I take the opportunity to give Ayanna a bath even if it may not be the time to do so.

-          If some household chores don’t get done, I leave them till the next day. Kids are the priority and spending time with them is what counts. I do the more important chores after putting the two to bed or early the next morning.

-          Multitasking helps to get some things done. I try to whenever possible.

-          If it all gets to be too much, I ask for help from family.

-          I welcome daddy’s help anytime.  It’s important to have a fair division of labor (baby care and household care) between spouses.

I remind myself what a happy chaos it is and how much fun we have together and that it's okay if things get a little topsy turvy around me. After all I’m only human – so I keep my expectations realistic.



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