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The Sound of Music

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

"If music be the food of love, play on." - Shakespeare

Music has always been an integral part of Ayanna's development and everyday activity. So naturally we were eager to further her interest in music appreciation.

Being exposed to music benefits any child - studies show that music increases a child's brainpower. Apparently experts say kids can start formal music training as early as three. It's when brain circuits for learning music mature.

We personally think Ayanna may not be as ready for formal music lessons at the moment. So we enrolled her in Kindermusik.

Building a city as part of her music class activity at Kindermusik; while learning the different sounds that a city is filled with

Ayanna seems to be enjoying Kindermusik, which focuses on fostering a love of music, rhythm, and self-expression through a variety of interesting activities, and projects. Ayanna has been exploring how different music instruments sound, how different genres of music such as classical and jazz sound, how music makes her feel (certainly more exciting in helping her to learn to appreciate music rather than practicing scales). Also, Kindermusik allocates 15 minutes for parents to participate which I love. It helps the parent to bond with their child as they share in an activity.

However, we would still love for Ayanna to undergo formal music lessons in the future. We are considering the piano. She already loves banging on the piano keys. Piano is a good instrument, according to experts, to start with as the finger movements are less tricky than those for a guitar or violin. Ultimately we want her to enjoy herself with an instructor who works well with young kids and in a class that's fun. We don't want to push. We want it to be an enrichment process. We've heard great feedback about Yamaha and their method of instruction. 

What are your thoughts on music and preschoolers? Does your kid attend a formal or music appreciation class? If yes, please share your experience.
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