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Getting around...

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah

Thereís no stopping Shamindra now. Heís moving into every nook and cranny; exploring as he is getting around efficiently on his own. Heís not engaged in the traditional crawl though. Shamindra is slithering around on his tummy. He can be spotted rocking back and forth, trying to balance on his hands and knees as if he were about to launch off on the crawl. But nothingís happened yet. Well, itís not style that matters but the fact that heís getting around (no matter how he does it).

Though most babies start crawling soon after they sit well on their own, Shamindra didnít quite follow this. He opted to slither around first before becoming comfortable enough to sit.

 Weíre waiting for him to move forward, pushing off with his knees in the traditional crawl. For now he has opted for a different mode of travel.

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