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Potty training second level

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Potty training for Ayanna has entered a new level. All this while Ayanna has been wearing her training pants to bed. For the past two weeks shed been getting into bed in her panties. Since shes been regularly waking up dry we decided to dispense with the nighttime diaper.

Staying dry during the day is still much easier than staying dry at night for a toddler. So there are mornings when Ayanna wakes up wet. Of course accidents are to be expected while they learn.

Here are some tips that were following during this time of learning

-          We explain to her before she sleeps what she needs to do call for us if she feels she needs to pee or head to the potty herself if its bright enough.

-          Take her to the potty before she sleeps

-          Wake her up once at night to use the potty (once works for Ayanna)

-          Praise her  for waking up dry

-          Deal with accidents calmly.

 Care to share any other tips on nighttime potty learning?

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