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A recap - Mother's Day weekend

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah Post(s) by this blogger

Ayanna and mummy having fun.

Ayanna and mummy spent our Saturday afternoon at a Mother's day party (organised by Gymboree). It was a first for us to attend a themed party. The theme was sports day- so Ayanna and I went in as cheer leaders. We had great fun with games, singing, dancing and art and craft. Ayanna got creative, making Mummy a 'Best Mum' badge, which Mummy proudly wore throughout.

Ayanna getting a little help from Mummy & Grandmas...

Mother's day there was plenty of time for grandparents- granddaughter togetherness as Ayanna's grandmas spent the day with her.


How did you and your toddler spend Mother's Day weekend?

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