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21st month update

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Getting here way with the cake...

Ayanna turned 21 months yesterday. She's nearing her second birthday. Ayanna is busy climbing on and off chairs. We've gotten her a kid-size table and chair set which she loves. It certainly makes her feel like a grown up. These days she's eager to help out with household chores, type at the computer keyboard, wash and dry her hands and brush her teeth with help.

Ayanna is increasingly showing signs that she's ready to be potty trained. There are noticeable signs when she's about to have a bowl movement - she moves away before crouching down in a corner. We've started with a routine of using the toilet several times a day, though she's not being fully potty trained yet.

She continues to exert her independence we try to give in on the little things, without compromising on her health and safety.

Ayanna's language and communication skills are really taking off. She loves to talk she is especially eager to chat on the phone, even if there is no one on the other end. She loves musical games, reading and physical play.


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