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Travelling with a toddler

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Just the two of us...

The open road and skies beckon but with a toddler in tow, travel can be a challenge. Personally, travelling with Ayanna as a baby (from newborn to 6 months) seemed easier she slept most of the time and since she was breastfed, we hardly needed to pack bottles or milk; the next stage (6 months to first year) when Ayanna started on semi-solid food meant that we had to pack some bottled food along but since most travel destinations carried these in their local supermarkets, it was never really an issue. And now toddlerhood Ayanna's more aware of all that's going on including the fact that she's leaving home to a new place. This means that this very small person determines pretty much the course of our entire trip.

Our recent trip to Bali was centered round the beach. Limiting our itinerary to just one destination proved to be agreeable with Ayanna. We also made necessary sleeping arrangements prior to our travel, requesting for a cot or additional bed. We made sure we kept to her regular bedtime rituals like reading to create a sense of home. We also carried with us a booster seat for use in restaurants when a baby chair was unavailable this kept Ayanna strapped in yet made her feel as if she was dining like Mummy and Daddy, sitting on a regular chair. Also, the UV tent which we used on the beach was great especially when the temperatures rose that way Ayanna was still able to play on the beach midday.

We were sure not to leave home empty-handed: we packed some portable distractions such as books, crayons, a drawing pad, Ayanna's favourite stuffed animal, some packet drinks and snacks for when she got hungry.

This time it was a little trickier travelling by plane with Ayanna. Thankfully it was a mere two hours through which we had to keep her entertained. Her favourite things came in handy. My worry about plane travel is pressurization and depressurization that can wreck havoc on little ears. Ensuring that Ayanna is drinking during take off and landing does the trick.

The curious toddler

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Ayanna's curious about all she sees and hears. Here she's reacting to traditional Balinese music by dancing.

Ayanna has a fascination for all things around her. She's curious about how things look and taste, smell and sound. During our walks in the park, she crouches to inspect little things, especially bugs. To her the journey is as exciting as the destination and the world's small details are irresistible. Her recent visit to the beach was the perfect example - she loved soaking her feet in the sea water, burying them in the sand and collecting seashells and closely inspecting them after.

Speaking frequently to Ayanna, explaining clearing and directly to her about her surroundings and the activities we participate in seems to have helped kick start her language skills as well. Ayanna's vocabulary is expanding as she attempts to repeat and use new words. Reading and singing songs together has helped to stimulate both her language and thinking skills. She has displayed a patience never before seen to sit and look at a book by herself for a few minutes.

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