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This beta-carotene is a strange thing…

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah Post(s) by this blogger

Someone commented the other day to me: “You must feed your baby a lot of carrots”. That’s quite true. Carrots tend to feature almost daily on Ayanna’s menu. How do they know this? Cause Ayanna’s skin exhibits a slight tinge of yellow.


Beta-carotene is stored just under the skin in layers of fat. This is what causes the yellowing (or oranging) of the skin. It is not harmful because beta-carotene is not converted efficiently into vitamin A.


It's a benign condition and nothing really to be concerned about. It just means baby is getting excessive amounts of carotene than her body needs and is storing it. Though too much Vitamin A can be toxic, the precursers (carotenes) aren’t.


Beta-carotene …a strange substance indeed.


Perhaps tomorrow, I'll heap on the greens in her menu.

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