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Just two more months left…

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Ayanna's generally a Happy Baby!


Ayanna turned 10 months this week.


She’s able to stand holding on to someone or the furniture. She’s even able to pull herself up to a standing position from sitting in her crib and playpen.


She objects quite furiously when a toy is taken away from her or when she dislikes a certain taste/ flavour. She loves playing patty cake (clapping her hands) and waving bye bye. She’s quite deft with her fingers, picking up tiny objects with her thumb and finger and opening cabinet doors. She continues to explore, unafraid and uninhibited.


Exploring under the table...


One thing is for sure- Ayanna is still all gums. Her pearly whites are yet to show. I’m wondering if she’ll have any by her first birthday to bite into her cake. Late teething is usually hereditary. However, toothlessness need not interfere with a baby’s moving on to chunkier foods as the gums are used for chewing in toothed and toothless babies alike. I hope the tooth fairy comes to visit Ayanna soon.

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