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Taking a trip...

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We’ve been busy preparing and shopping for last-minute items for our trip up north to Bangkok and Koh Sa Mui. Hence… the silence.


The list has been made. Looks like the bag’s bound to be heavier this time round since Ayanna’s on solids, which means countless bottles of food. I’m sure we can get jars of baby food in Bangkok but a friend who visited Koh Sa Mui some time back has warned us that the island may not be baby-friendly and therefore finding baby food might be rather difficult. So, we’re going prepared.


Here’s the checklist of must haves while traveling:


-         Diapers: extras to be packed into the carry-on in case of delays

-         Diaper changing mat:  a must to carry.

-         Blankets: we take a few as we can lay Ayanna on it, cover her, cover myself when nursing, shade her and more

-         Plastic bags: carry a variety of sizes for storing soiled diapers, clothes, and blankets

-         Diaper rash cream

-         Wipes & tissue: baby wipes are handy to wipe away any spills. 

-         Small bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion

-         A few of Ayanna’s favourite toys plus teething ring: comes in handy if she’s a little moody.

-         Clothes, socks or shoes: one to two outfits per day is a good guideline

-         Washable bibs & disposable bibs: plastic bibs are great cause we can use, wash and reuse.

-         Lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils and baby food plus juice

-         Sun hat & sun block: must haves for the beach

-         Drinking bottle with straw: can’t do without this. Perfect for her to replenish herself while on the go if nursing is not possible

-         First-aid kit: baby pain reliever, fever and cold medicines plus syringe and supplies for treating minor injuries.

-         Sling or front carrier: lightweight, hands-free way to keep baby close in crowded places like airports.

-         Inflatable baby bathtub: we used this on our last trip and it truly makes bath time easier. Must pack along a bath toy or two.

-         Car seat: we’re planning on driving when in Koh Sa Mui so having the car seat ensures Ayanna’s safety.

-         Collapsible stroller: can be gate-checked or stored in the overhead bin of an airplane.

-         To pack at least one extra set of clothes for mummy/ daddy and baby that's easily accessible (for instance, in our carry-on bag).


Ayanna’s a great travel companion, so we’re all looking forward to the trip!


We’ll relate our travel experience once we’re home. Till then….

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