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In the pool with daddy


We had a great holiday. Ayanna had loads of fun in the pool and at the beach. She loved playing in the water and crawling on the sand. Late afternoons were spent at the beach and by evening, she was ready for dinner and soon after, sleep (a good strategy that allowed mummy and daddy some free time to enjoy dinner).


Lovin the sun, sea and sand!


The island of Koh Sa Mui is ideal for children. The island has countless hospitals, clinics and pharmacies for any emergencies. Big supermarkets like Tesco stock baby food. However, not all restaurants have baby chairs (and even if they do, baby chairs don’t come equipped with straps) or changing rooms. We improvised: we used our stroller to feed Ayanna in.


Strapped in safely


We rented a car and drove around the island (mostly because taxi fares are ridiculously high) but also because it provided us with the freedom, convenience and safety of getting around. We packed along Ayanna’s infant car seat, so she was safely strapped in.


We’re getting back into the swing of things now. Next on the agenda, planning Ayanna’s first birthday bash!



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