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11 months

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Ayanna turned 11 months yesterday. How time flies.


Ayanna had a little help from mummy and daddy getting into this basket.


She’s busy getting into things she shouldn’t be getting into and getting out of things she shouldn’t be getting out of. There’s no shelf too high, no cabinet door handle too difficult to pry open. Ayanna’s on a mission to seek and explore. She tries to wiggle her way out of nappy changes, highchairs and car seats – she despises any confining situations.


She continues to pull herself up, taking tiny steps while holding onto furniture. She seems to be speaking a lot more – using immature jargoning.  Ayanna seems to have grasped the understanding of the word NO when uttered. Her understanding of words has also increased. Words and word-like sounds are now spilling out. Her ability to reason and speak continues to develop rapidly.


Ayanna has shown a recent interest in other babies. She steals glances at fellow babies and attempts to interact with them.

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