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Just Weeks Away...

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah Post(s) by this blogger

Ayanna is just weeks away from her fourth birthday. Canít believe she's turning 4 - it's hard to keep pace. The past 4 years have been super awesome. Ayanna is a typical preschooler with her own brand of personality. She is constantly surprising us, generating loads of laughter and fun. 

Ayanna is most comfortable with her friends in school and with family; familiar faces in familiar surroundings.

She is not as eager when it comes to tasting new foods. It takes several tries before she even makes an attempt to put it in her mouth. Watching her friends eat different foods at school has helped piqued her interest. The other day she surprised us by wanting to eat raisins because her friends do. She tried it and  loves it now.

Ayanna loves to explore her world- the outdoors. Ayanna loves taking walks in the park; using her senses to smell, touch, taste, see and hear her world.
Ayanna loves to paint and draw and can spend hours playing with play dough; she loves to dance and sing and enjoys puzzles.

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