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Look Who’s Talking?

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I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace. Ayanna surprises us with a new word almost everyday. Just the other day, out of the blue, she pointed to her eye and said ‘eye’. Ayanna has added ‘wower’ (flower), mouth, car, cat, apple, cold and red to her growing list of words. She’s constantly absorbing and soaking up all that she hears around her.


Those adorable ba-ba-ba mutterings, the beginnings of spoken language, have led us here. Ayanna seems to express herself in phrases and sentences (though it’s baby talk still). She seems to understand what is being said and responds to it through action.


I’ve always wondered if my constant talking with Ayanna would bear fruit. It sure has. Making a conscious effort at early communication has certainly helped. Experts say parents teach language when they talk to each other as well as when they talk to baby.

Baby picks up almost as much from secondhand dialogue as they do when they’re part of a conversation.


It will be another year or two before most of Ayanna’s sentences and phrases become easily comprehensible but I reckon the journey to be quite exciting and full of surprises.


Mummy needs to always remember to:


Label, label, label – verbally label everything in baby’s environment, from objects to animals and people.


Listen, listen, listen – listen to the babble and respond positively and encouragingly.


Concentrate on concepts- introduce concepts such as hot and cold, in and out, up and down, big and small.


Become colour conscious – identify the different colours around baby.


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