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Butterfly Farm

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I am butterfly

I am flying high

I can almost touch the sky

Iím flyin down to say hi!


Butterflies were introduced to Ayanna early on through poems, songs and picture books. So, naturally we were excited to take Ayanna for her first visit to the butterfly farm.


Ayanna was somewhat excited, though her reaction was rather muted. She seemed more enthralled by the surrounding flora and fauna than she was about the butterflies.


Meeting the stunning Rajah Brooke



Mummy and daddy were excited with all the butterflies fluttering by and landing on everything from our bright coloured t-shirts to our backpacks. Kids will be just as enthralled as adults are by the 120 exotic butterfly species and the parkís whimsical maze of pathways and secret gardens.


Perhaps weíll make another visit when Ayanna is older, so she can better appreciate the butterflies.


Note: The farm has limited stroller access so carrying along a baby carrier like we did is best. Visit in the mornings for thatís when the butterflies are most active.


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