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Itsy bitsy …

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My tiny baby


I’m making comparisons – not about names or development but of size. I find myself constantly comparing Ayanna’s size to other babies her age.


Ayanna is tiny – barely touching 8kgs at 13 months. She has been on the lower end of the weight scale for months now. This worries me. Ayanna’s pediatrician seemed concerned but alleviated my fears somewhat when he added– “Just because she’s tiny, doesn’t mean she’s not healthy. Besides, breastfed babies are generally smaller.”


It doesn’t help that Ayanna’s appetite has slumped. We used to marvel at how well she ate but now, she seems to reject everything we feed her including her favorites.


Experts point to some development factors as culprits:


-         a budding sense of autonomy.


-         a newly active lifestyle: Ayanna is so engrossed in practicing her talking skills that she doesn’t seem too interested in anything else.


So, according to the experts, a drop in appetite is perfectly normal. Apparently healthy toddlers who aren’t’ pushed or coerced into eating consume enough food for normal growth and development. Normal appetites vary from meal to meal, day to day, week to week, month to month. Interest in eating may pick up during a growth spurt, slow down at teething or with a cold or flu. Even so, the intake of food almost invariably balances out.


For now, the doc has recommended a multivitamin supplement.


Are your toddlers experiencing a similar lack of appetite? If yes, do share.



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