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Baby’s first teeth - Dental Care 101

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah Post(s) by this blogger

Now that Shamindra’s pearly whites have sprouted, we’re keen on keeping them spotless even though they are destined for extinction. All of a baby’s first teeth can be expected to fall out during the early school years to be replaced by permanent teeth. So why the fuss you wonder?

Primary teeth are important as they are needed for biting and chewing for the first few years. Bad teeth could interfere with good nutrition. Healthy teeth are important for the development of normal speech and appearance (both important to a child’s self-confidence). Instilling good dental habits in a child early on is an obvious plus.

Dental hygiene these days is a combination of brushing with a finger brush and wiping with a cloth (which does a more thorough job for now). Proper nutrition is an important contributor to dental health. Ensuring a good intake of calcium, phosphorus, fluoride and vitamin C helps towards maintaining healthy gums. Limiting foods in high sugars is also a good thing.

Good professional care to ensure healthy teeth and gums are absolutely necessary. Shamindra’s first routine checkup is anytime between his first and second birthday.

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