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Preschooler – Dental Hygiene 101

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Ayanna knows all about the importance of brushing her teeth. She does so at least twice a day. At four she is eager to assert her independence – so she brushes her teeth on her own. This is followed by either mummy or daddy brushing to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Ayanna is aware of what happens when her teeth are constantly exposed to excessive sugars. Food high in refined sugars are limited to birthdays and special occasions. Juices are watered down to reduce the sugar content and served with meals and snacks.

We visit the dentist once a year. We are intending to introduce Ayanna to flossing, which Ayanna will probably need help with for now

9th month update

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Shamindra is cruising well into his 9th month, pulling up and attempting to walk by standing and holding on to someone or something such as a push toy. He loves to clap his hands and is beginning to move his hands as if he’s waving. He’s drinking from a regular cup and a sippy cup quite independently.

Shamindra’s becoming more aware of his environment and the faces he encounters. He recognizes familiar faces and greets them with smiles.
During play, he’s able to remove objects from a container. He loves turning toys over and inspecting their wheels, knobs and levers. Shamindra objects when a toy is taken away from him. He’s increasingly assertive, objecting quite forcefully.

Shamindra’s babbling has turned to jabber, sounding more like real words. It’s obvious from his reactions and facial expressions that he comprehends more from our tone of voice than from our actual words. He seems to be slowly grasping an understanding for the word ‘no’ (not that he obeys it every time).

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