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A strange thing happened today when I took Ayanna to the park. She refused to sit on the swing and began to cry. She used to love the swing and its motion. I think she may be exhibiting a new fear.


I casually offered her the opportunity to try the swing a second time and received the same reaction. Even sitting her down on my lap and swinging slowly elicited a similar response.


Fear apparently is a common phenomenon in early childhood. The most common fear triggers change with a child’s age. Fear is not altogether a bad thing. However, excessive fears tend to interfere with the normal functioning of a child. So it is important to understand the nature of these fears and how to handle them.


First, mummy needs to acknowledge that Ayanna’s fears are real. Therefore ignoring the fear isn’t likely to help – but combining sensitive support and understanding with gradual exposure will. I suppose I need to buy some books that feature children with similar fears or ones with children playing on swings and read them to Ayanna.


Do your toddlers display fears? What are they and how do you handle them?

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