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My four-year-old: the avid reader

Posted by: Sharmila Rajah Post(s) by this blogger

Ayanna enjoys reading. She is curious how a tale is weaved; how characters develop and how the story ends. Her current favourite – the Cat in the Hat series.

Ayanna loves discovering new words, spelling it out and attempting to pronounce it. She enjoys the thrill of pronouncing a new word right. And is eager to try it herself without help.

How do you encourage your child’s interest in reading? How do you nudge your kids in the right direction?

Here are some tips how you can do so:

-    The more you read and play with language the more interested your child will be.
-    Point at words as you read to teach your child that words are made of a sequence of letters.
-    Question and talk about the book and illustrations, the title and author.
-    Play with rhyme – let your child learn his letters and their sounds. Create your own rhymes, sing popular rhymes together. Dr Seuss’s books are a great example of stories that rhyme and are full of fun adventure for little ones.

Do your part in creating a word-rich environment for your child.

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