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Kids who treat the home like a hotel

Honestly, how do you deal with a young adult who treats the house like a hotel? He goes out whenever he likes and returns home during the wee hours of the morning. In addition, the car keys also go with him. When we question him about his absence, he will say “Don't treat me like a kid anymore; I am over 21!”

How are we as parents supposed to deal with this kind of behaviour?

I recall that during our good old days, we were more respectful to our parents. We would tell our parents that we were going out and sought their permission to do so. Nowadays, children just treat the house like a lodging place and we, the parents, like the inn-keepers!

I have tried everything like talking to him, sending him a text message, threatening to report his absence to the police and even going out to look for him in the middle of the night. For a while, things will improve but then it will begin again.

Is it because of the proliferation of mamak stalls that open 24 hours or the fast food outlets that have joined the queue or the 24-hour Internet cafes that beckon?

At the moment, the only things we can do are to speak to him, share with him our concerns for his safety (fights and violence tend to happen in the middle of the night) and to hide the car keys.

I wonder … are we being too paranoid?

Concerned parent