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Babies Baby not sleeping through the night My 7-month-old breastfed baby wakes up frequently during the night, sometimes up to eight times. She usually cries loudly and it is driving us up the wall. When she was a newborn her sleep was much better, only waking up once or twice for feeds. However, for the past four weeks it has gradually become worse. We have tried everything from adjusting the room temperature, bathing and massaging her before sleep, putting her to sleep on a full stomach, reducing her daytime naps, making her tired, changing her nappy, giving her gripe water for colic, but nothing seems to work. The only way to put her back each time she wakes is if she sucks on the breast or if we carry her and walk around, both of which leaves us extremely tired. And this whole "performance" is repeated again after one or two hours. We desperately need help as we can't take the sleep deprivation any longer.


Answered by Dr Hon Infants or even children sleep when they get accustomed /conditioned to the situation surrounding the time they fall asleep so when your daughter has grown accustomed to the suckling before sleep or rocking/carrying before she sleeps, she will find it difficult to go back to sleep on her own without it.

I'd suggest you try to switch the conditions surrounding the falling asleep period. Always have a ritual before bedtime like a massage, bath, feed and put her down when she's sleepy. Use a pacifier if you are desperate. Put her down for sleep before 8pm each day. Don't let your baby stay up late because she will be overly tired and will be fussy. If she cries, speak to her but don't pick her up. Initially she will cry for a long time. This requires great discipline on your part. After speaking to her, leave the room. This method of sleep training is by Richard Ferber and you can get it on the Internet. You will be teaching her a new skill if you stick to it and it's the skill of falling asleep on her own.

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  • Jamilah Samian and Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah

    Jamilah Samian and Ahmad Fakhri Hamzah

    Jamilah and husband Ahmad Fakhri are professional trainers, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioners and authors. Jamilah has written Cool Mum Super Dad, Cool Boys Super Sons and, together with Ahmad Fakhri, The Groovy Guide to Parenting Gen Y and Z. The couple has six children.

  • Prof Dr Eric Lim

    Prof Dr Eric Lim

    Prof Lim is the founder of the Kits4Kids Foundation. He has a PhD in Educational Management, Master of Education and Bachelor of Special Education focusing on special education, and a Masters in Psychology focusing on child psychology and counselling.

  • Dr Alida Mahyuddin

    Dentist Dr Alida Mahyuddin

    Dr Alida is a senior lecturer and specialist in Paediatric Dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry, UKM. She is also the Visiting Consultant at the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, UKM Medical Centre, and a committee member of the Global Children Dental Health taskforce.

  • Paediatrician Dr. Hon Mun Cheng

    Paediatrician Dr. Hon Mun Cheng

    Dr Hon is trained in paediatrics, infectious disease, nephrology and neonatology. The mother of two now practices in a private clinic.

  • Midwife Ann Ibrahim

    Midwife Ann Ibrahim

    Ann has been practising midwifery for over a decade now. Having completed her degree, she worked in Britain for a spell and then returned to her homeland Malaysia.

  • Psychologist Woo Pei Jun

    Psychologist Woo Pei Jun

    Woo is a developmental psychologist who has studied and worked in Malaysia and the United States. Her areas of research have involved cross cultural issues related to eating disorders amongst Asians, mental health and behavioural problems amongst children and youth in Malaysia.

  • Fitness guru Debbra Lee

    Fitness guru Debbra Lee

    Lee is certified through the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) from Britain, with specialty certification in pregnancy and postnatal fitness by the YMCA (Britain). She has been conducting pre and post-natal classes for many years. She is the proprietor of Fit For 2 cafe, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Obstetrician / Gynaecologist Dr Ng Kok Chong

    Obstetrician / Gynaecologist Dr Ng Kok Chong

    Dr Ng was a lecturer at Universiti Malaya. He is currently a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at private clinic. His sub-speciality is infertilty.

  • Consultant Paediatrician Dr. Yong Junina

    Consultant Paediatrician Dr. Yong Junina

    Dr Yong Junina is a consultant paediatrician at Klinik Pakar Kanak-Kanak Junina, Mutiara Damansara, and visiting paediatric cardiologist at Darul Ehsan Medical Centre, Shah Alam and Hospital UKM. She is also a visiting lecturer for the department of ? paediatrics, faculty of medicine, UKM.